Saturday, October 22, 2011

CashGopher another source of extra income

I’m searching on ways of how to earn money online. There are lots of way to earn money such as blogging, advertising, pay per click and etc.

Right now I’m experimenting this CashGopher. It easy to use, just download and install the software to your computer and use your computer normally.

CashGopher works by showing ads while you’re browsing the web. Just use the computer normally. You can also earn by referring other people to use the CashGopher.

I’m still experimenting this and I’ll write an update about this. So far its good.

For interested people that would like to try this just click the banner or this link.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Outsourcing is another way of obtaining goods or services from outside of the organization.

The best example of an outsourcing today is the BPO or the business process outsourcing. BPO works by obtaining services to the other contract entity. Companies go to outsourcing for the benefits of much cheaper or less expensive of business operations.
The business process outsourcing is the rapidly growing trend in the business industry today. It is commonly observe in the northern America, Europe, Asia and Australia. BPO works by having part of the business process to be processed by the other third party company. This third party company or organization is could be in the original country or from the different country.

One of the common work that being outsourced today is the call center job or other back office works. If you leave in America or other European countries and you somehow use your phone to contact any customer service, don’t get surprise if you might hear a different accent of the operator. Because your call are transfer from different countries such as India and Philippines.

By the use of the new technology the outsourcing is now done easily. The company which is miles away from the outsource company can simultaneously operates the business.  The companies are miles away and has their own different day time and this makes the company to run the business in twenty four hours per week.
BPO produce high profit of revenue to the business with little expense. However this also create issues to the economy. For example a utility company in Canada has a call center department which employs local resident but this company choose to outsource its call center department to other country. Now the call center department is now transferred to the country and employed local residents which the salary is much more cheaper.

After the outsourcing the results are: The former call center workers in Canada are now unemployed, it created new job in the outsourced country and the company earns more revenue while maintaining a very less expensive operation in the outsourced country.

It is clearly that the outsourcing practice has the positive and negative impact in the company, people and country. It drastically shaping the world of business today. After reading the cited effect of outsourcing which side you are?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush. One of the best strategy game!

Are you looking for a tower defense type game? Well this Kingdom Rush might be one of your choice. One of the very interesting strategy game and it’s an addicting game available on the web today.

You can play it online for free at or just click this to link to play this to Kingdom Rush. Build your own defense tower and barracks. Challenge you best tactical skills with the available towers; mage, artillery and archer.

There is the normal mode, heroic and iron type level and this is made by the IRONHIDE game studio.

Enjoy Gaming!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Enjoy the trip and avoid the scams!

Many of us wants to travel for relaxing, new adventure, exploration and other more. We all want to have a very good memories in every travel we made. To secure that we would not experience any bad events, here are some of helpful tips to avoid scams.

1. Don’t entertain any unknown people. If happen that you came into a famous tourist place, many unknown people will come to you and offer different products or services. For safety issues, don’t entertain them.

2. Secure your money. Don’t allow anyone knows where you keep your money. Always remember that traveling in different places requires everyone to spend. But do not spend to much or you might lose every single penny that you could not go home.

3. Avoid any deals. Remember you are in unfamiliar place surrounded by unknown people. The scams that are frequent today is deals that sound so good. Verify the deals before engaging on it.

4. Always clarify the rate of the cubs or any other like transportation. There is a high possibility that cub drivers will overcharge you. If this happens, report it immediately to the police.

5. Beware of the photographers. There are photographers that will offer to take your picture with the place famous landmark. This is usually followed by a payment request, before returning with your photos. Sad to say they never come back, nor your money.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

One morning I watched the news, 911 Attack

I am a first year high school student, when the 911 attacks happened in America.

One morning I wake up early to have a review on my History subject for that day. I turned on the television and there I watched a movie like scene. A plane hit the world trade center building of and everybody is in panic. 

A few moments I thought I saw a movie I realized I was wrong! This is not a movie but is a reality! The nation's most powerful nation is under of terrorism attack.

I lose my concentration for my review because my attention is to watch the news. I cannot believe that I’m watching a historic event to be written in the history of the world. 

New York City, a busy business metropolitan is now in a chaotic situation. Ambulance, firefighter trucks and police cars are everywhere. Shortly, the building that was hit by the plane was burning and suddenly collapsed.  I thought of the lives of people inside the building.

News of the whole day centered on the terrorist attack against America. Eventually, the news and said that the group al-Qaeda has attacked the country.

Very concerned about the event and was afraid of the situation of my father, who resides in California. I do worry for my father though New York City is really far. Fortunately, no subsequent attacks occurred. 

The world witnessed the mourning of America.  After the mourning, President Bush declared war on terrorist groups.  There are discussions, if America should respond to war against the terrorist organization. I'm not an American and have no known any relatives victim of the incident, I sympathized for the family of the victims. 

Today September 11, 2011 is remembered as America's tenth year anniversary of the 911 attack. I hope this event will never happen to all parts of the world. 

Violence does not bring any good to anyone but it only brings another violence. 

Let us join the American people to offer prayers for the victims of the attack and to those people who dedicated their lives to save victims of the attack. My God please Bless the America.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anilao Batangas Adventure

“Travel is an adventure of scaping the busy life in this world” by Yugo.

Last November 2010, me and some of my high school friends decided to a beach swimming as part of our two friends birthday celebration.

It took us two months for the preparation due to synchronization of everyone schedules. It is not easy to plan for this two days get away specially if you got a very tight schedule. Thank goodness that they all participated to the plan.

We chose to go to one of the resorts in San Juan, Batangas. One of my friends did the computation for the estimated expense for the transportation, accommodation, foods, and etc. They spotted the best resort for us it is the Balai resort.
The day of the event. After months of planning finally the event has now materialized. It took us about two hours from Manila to Batangas.

At the resort we were welcomed by the staffs and gave us some cold juice drinks. We put our luggage to our assigned cabana. We are a group of nine and we got four cabanas.

After a few minutes of relaxing we took some souvenir pictures and started to swim in the beautiful beach.

At the beach we created the sand castles and play with the waves. In the afternoon we did the snorkeling adventure. It is my first time to see the different color of fish swimming with us.

Our meals are also served by the resort so there’s no need for us to worry about our food. The resort serves three meals a day.

It is so relaxing, it’s just like forgetting all worries to your work and other things that makes you worry.

In the night we got a good bonding experience with vodka and had a good friendly conversations with friends. A conversation of greetings and knowing each other more. I realized sometimes this kind of conversation will make the friendship stronger.

In the second day of stay in Batangas we tried the beach volley ball. It was very fun! Since it’s our last day we started to create more camera posing. We are now planning to our next adventure!

The whole experience to this Batangas adventure was truly amazing!! The resort was very affordable and the whole package of the resort is great! For those who want to know the beach more just click this link to forward you to the site.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wise Way To Travel

If you love to travel from different places and you want to get souvenirs but you have less budget or don’t want to expand much. Well consider some of my advices.

Plan where to travel. It is always important to know where the location to go. Make some researches or background check of the place that you are going to visit. Rule of thumb is to make sure that place is secured which means no issues of any kidnapping, car napping or same like.

Plan where to stay or your accommodation. Promos for the motel, hotel and inns are always to help you to decide. However lot of us still look to the most cheapest.

To decide where to stay is always to keep this in mind. Check if your place to stay is near in the tourist spots, mall, transportation, community, the view, restaurants, clinic or hospital, police and fire station. Remember this that the closer you are to the place’s famous location is the more expensive the environment is.

There are other ways to avoid the expensive hotels. If you have known some local people to that place, family relatives or closer friend, you could try to ask them to stay in their place just be sure to behave properly.

Food. Not of us are vegetarian. Some of prefer different foods to the other. Some people are limited to what food they will take due to their religion beliefs. The best way is to have a wide research to the available foods to your prospect place. I suggest drinking bottled water or canned drinks because you’re not sure if their local tap water is safe for you.

The place you might visit is really far to your place. Do a wide research for the means of transportation to get there. If it is super far to you perhaps you will need to ride the ship or plane.

I highly suggest avoiding the peak season as much possible to enjoy your travel. Don’t do some rush hour of buying of tickets but instead book as early, “Early booking means cheaper.” There are airlines that do some package sale, if fits for you then grab it.”

Budget! Don’t forget to properly assess the amount you will need for your trip. Compute your expected expenditures and always prepare an emergency fund. Cash or credit card? Cash is always good. There are places which has no access use your cards that’s why cash will always be a handy.

I hope my advices will help you to organize your own travel trips. Enjoy your trip!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple Cebu Adventure

Cebu is one the finest tourist spot in the Philippines. The culture, sceneries and foods are the great things the province has.

It is famous for the Sinulog festival (a feast celebration for the senior Sto.NiƱo).

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the province of Cebu that’s why when I was in College I dreamed to go to that place.

January of this 2011 me and my friends plan to go an adventure to the different places. We were from Rizal province, one of the provinces in Luzon Island. We started to brainstorm for the possible places to go. We came up to a plan to go to Liliw Laguna to buy their famous slippers.

After three days one of my friends Chenee joke around that why don’t we try to go to Cebu. During that time there’s a promo ticket for airfare going to Cebu. The ticket that time was so cheap but every day pass it’s getting expensive. That’s the reason we planned so hard and made an intensive research.

We started to browse for the locations of the Cebu’s famous tourist spots and how to use their local transportation.

The airfare is cheap but the inns and hotels room are too expensive and we can’t afford it. Thank goodness my mom has a friend in Cebu and an owner of an inn. The problem for the accommodation is now solve.

We bought our ticket in the Air Philippine Express. We are all excited because this our first time to go to Cebu and first time to aboard an airplane.

The day has come for our Cebu escapade. We are all nervous in our first flight. After an hour we arrived in Mactan International Airport, Cebu.

We were welcomed by mom’s friend, auntie Cherry, owner of the Cherry’s Pension House(email me for questions regarding this pension house).

After a short nap in our room we simply started our adventure by going to the nearest mall and bought the Map that was essential in our adventure.

We visited the Cebu’s famous landmarks such as the Magellan’s cross, Lapu-Lapu statue, the Taoist Temple and etc. Tips to bear in mind, the Cebu's public transport is cheaper than taxi. Besides riding to their local public transport is fun.

The Cebuano people are very kind and cheerful, they are also a very faithful Christians.

After all the great experiences I earned in our adventure, I’m surely will recommend to everyone to visit this place and for sure I’ll be back in this place.