Monday, August 22, 2011

Wise Way To Travel

If you love to travel from different places and you want to get souvenirs but you have less budget or don’t want to expand much. Well consider some of my advices.

Plan where to travel. It is always important to know where the location to go. Make some researches or background check of the place that you are going to visit. Rule of thumb is to make sure that place is secured which means no issues of any kidnapping, car napping or same like.

Plan where to stay or your accommodation. Promos for the motel, hotel and inns are always to help you to decide. However lot of us still look to the most cheapest.

To decide where to stay is always to keep this in mind. Check if your place to stay is near in the tourist spots, mall, transportation, community, the view, restaurants, clinic or hospital, police and fire station. Remember this that the closer you are to the place’s famous location is the more expensive the environment is.

There are other ways to avoid the expensive hotels. If you have known some local people to that place, family relatives or closer friend, you could try to ask them to stay in their place just be sure to behave properly.

Food. Not of us are vegetarian. Some of prefer different foods to the other. Some people are limited to what food they will take due to their religion beliefs. The best way is to have a wide research to the available foods to your prospect place. I suggest drinking bottled water or canned drinks because you’re not sure if their local tap water is safe for you.

The place you might visit is really far to your place. Do a wide research for the means of transportation to get there. If it is super far to you perhaps you will need to ride the ship or plane.

I highly suggest avoiding the peak season as much possible to enjoy your travel. Don’t do some rush hour of buying of tickets but instead book as early, “Early booking means cheaper.” There are airlines that do some package sale, if fits for you then grab it.”

Budget! Don’t forget to properly assess the amount you will need for your trip. Compute your expected expenditures and always prepare an emergency fund. Cash or credit card? Cash is always good. There are places which has no access use your cards that’s why cash will always be a handy.

I hope my advices will help you to organize your own travel trips. Enjoy your trip!

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