Saturday, September 17, 2011

Enjoy the trip and avoid the scams!

Many of us wants to travel for relaxing, new adventure, exploration and other more. We all want to have a very good memories in every travel we made. To secure that we would not experience any bad events, here are some of helpful tips to avoid scams.

1. Don’t entertain any unknown people. If happen that you came into a famous tourist place, many unknown people will come to you and offer different products or services. For safety issues, don’t entertain them.

2. Secure your money. Don’t allow anyone knows where you keep your money. Always remember that traveling in different places requires everyone to spend. But do not spend to much or you might lose every single penny that you could not go home.

3. Avoid any deals. Remember you are in unfamiliar place surrounded by unknown people. The scams that are frequent today is deals that sound so good. Verify the deals before engaging on it.

4. Always clarify the rate of the cubs or any other like transportation. There is a high possibility that cub drivers will overcharge you. If this happens, report it immediately to the police.

5. Beware of the photographers. There are photographers that will offer to take your picture with the place famous landmark. This is usually followed by a payment request, before returning with your photos. Sad to say they never come back, nor your money.

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  1. I would like to say traveling is the source of pleasure in human life. Without traveling around the world we just confined our life just like other living being. I like traveling and like to enjoy the unknown around the world.

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