Saturday, September 10, 2011

One morning I watched the news, 911 Attack

I am a first year high school student, when the 911 attacks happened in America.

One morning I wake up early to have a review on my History subject for that day. I turned on the television and there I watched a movie like scene. A plane hit the world trade center building of and everybody is in panic. 

A few moments I thought I saw a movie I realized I was wrong! This is not a movie but is a reality! The nation's most powerful nation is under of terrorism attack.

I lose my concentration for my review because my attention is to watch the news. I cannot believe that I’m watching a historic event to be written in the history of the world. 

New York City, a busy business metropolitan is now in a chaotic situation. Ambulance, firefighter trucks and police cars are everywhere. Shortly, the building that was hit by the plane was burning and suddenly collapsed.  I thought of the lives of people inside the building.

News of the whole day centered on the terrorist attack against America. Eventually, the news and said that the group al-Qaeda has attacked the country.

Very concerned about the event and was afraid of the situation of my father, who resides in California. I do worry for my father though New York City is really far. Fortunately, no subsequent attacks occurred. 

The world witnessed the mourning of America.  After the mourning, President Bush declared war on terrorist groups.  There are discussions, if America should respond to war against the terrorist organization. I'm not an American and have no known any relatives victim of the incident, I sympathized for the family of the victims. 

Today September 11, 2011 is remembered as America's tenth year anniversary of the 911 attack. I hope this event will never happen to all parts of the world. 

Violence does not bring any good to anyone but it only brings another violence. 

Let us join the American people to offer prayers for the victims of the attack and to those people who dedicated their lives to save victims of the attack. My God please Bless the America.

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  1. the event that marks not only in united states but the whole world. haaays..